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Hi! I'm Hugo Le Moine :wave:
I'm a Data Scientist and also coding side-projects using Python.

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Work Experience

Senior Data Scientist

MSD  • Paris, France
Jan. 2023 — Now

Full-time data scientist within the CoE Insight, Analytics & Data.


Data Scientist

Pierre Fabre Group  • Lavaur, France
Sept. 2021 — Nov. 2022

Full-time data scientist within the CoE Data.

  • Key Opinion Leader : identification and mapping platform developped from scratch, saving 100k-1M€ annualy. Onboarded >100 users.
  • Applied NLP to clinical trials, automated chem-genomics database crossing : screening time cut by >1000 hrs.
  • Organizational effectiveness : graph theory applied to interactions, to monitor the company’s transformation.


Data Scientist

Airbus Commercial Aircraft  • Toulouse, France
Sept. 2018 — Aug. 2021

3-year apprenticeship within the acoustics department.

  • Anomaly detection : in flight recordings to detect noise pollution and to automatize the cleaning, reducing costs and time required by >90%.
  • Data analysis : trend monitoring of production quality and root cause analysis of identified drifts ; identification of contributors to specific aircraft noise variability.
  • Clustering : of flight trajectories from high-dimensional data, to generate accurate noise maps based on real-world data and ease simulation.
  • Optimization of blade design : improved noise level while preserving efficiency, using genetic algorithms and surrogate modeling (deep learning).


Experimental work

University of Waterloo  • Waterloo, Canada
Sept. 2020 — Jan. 2021

Research project in collaboration with UTC

  • Analysed and cleaned motion data from 100 000+ smart thermostats (>600GB of data).
  • Prediction of the number of occupants in homes to study the impact of the confinement on habits.


Experimental Work

SNCF  • Paris, France
Fev. 2020 — Jun. 2020

6-month project supervised by SNCF researchers

  • Optimized the economic performance of a high-speed train by searching the most efficient design of operation.
  • Reduced energy consumption and respected a constraint of delay, using dynamic programming.



Computer Science and Engineering Degree

UTC  • Compiègne, France
Sep. 2015 — Aug. 2021

5-year degree equivalent of a Master of Science in engineering.
Graduted with a GPA of 4.49/5.00.

  • Computer Science — algorithms, data structures, programming (object-oriented, logic)
  • Information Technology — networks, cloud, databases
  • Operations Research — optimization, routing, logistics
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Economics, competitive intelligence, business strategy

PythonC/C++PythonRSQLPrologLispx64 Assemblygit

Exchange Student

Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte  • Riga, Latvia
Aug 2017 — Jan 2018

Exchange student program (Erasmus) for 6 months in an English-speaking environment.

  • Artificial Intelligence : graphs and tree search algorithms
  • Programming : object-oriented & assembly
  • Business Analytics & Project Management : agile methods, planning, risk analysis, budgeting

C++x64 Assembly


Lycée Léonard de Vinci  • Amboise, France
Sep 2012 — Jun 2015

Science major, with a concentration in engineering. Graduated with honors.