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Hugo Le Moine
Data Scientist at MSD France

About me

Hi! I'm Hugo. I conceive, develop and put into production applications that solve business challenges, using Python, Machine Learning techniques and applying DevOps best practices.

As a cloud-native developer, I have first-hand experience building upon technologies such as Google Cloud Platform, Dataiku, Palantir Foundry, Snowflake and Streamlit.

I enjoy pursuing side projects such as Quantified Self or the Dividend Chart Twitter bot, and recently started writing in my Digital Garden for anyone to read and hopefully find some value in it.

Beyond from my passion and curiosity for technology, I also dedicate time to read non-fiction books, learn Mandarin, do photography, running or trying to be smart with my investments.


  • MSD France:
    • Optimizing the routing of sales forces, by reducing average point-to-point distance.
  • Pierre Fabre:
    • KOL Mapping & Social Listening by automating scrapping of various web sources.
    • Monitoring of organizational effectiveness using data visualization and graph theory on employees interactions.
  • Airbus:
    • Multi-objective optimization of engine design for ZEROe, a hydrogen propulsion aircraft, using deep learning and genetic algorithms.
    • Automation of flight data cleaning using anomaly detection methods.
  • SNCF:
    • Demonstrated potential economic performance optimizations of high-speed trains using dynamic programming.