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Covid19 and Google Trends

ยท One min read
Hugo Le Moine

Based on user searches, Google Flu tried to estimate flu prevalence among populations. In this simple visualization I try to use a similar, yet simplified approach. Below are compared USA reported covid19 cases against Google Trends popularity for "Coronavirus" and "Worldometer" (which is a website used worldwide to track this pandemic).


  • January 2020: quick spread in China
  • Mid-February : spread to Europe
  • "Coronavirus" popularity peaks on 15th March, when USA cases growth rate is maximal.
  • "Worldometer" popularity peaks two weeks later.
  • 11th April: USA 7-day moving average peaks.
  • 31th May: USA 7-day moving average bottoms to a 2-month low.
  • Since June: cases are up to new daily records, but popularity of "Coronavirus" remains low.


Link to the Jupyter notebook.